The Preschool Box has a New Look

Start the new school year off with a newly upgraded Preschool Box subscription! Our team has been working hard the past three months to take everything that we have learned over the past two years and make it better. The activities, crafts and games have all been assessed and updated using feedback from our loving customers and the Parent Guide is getting a gigantic makeover with clear instructions, big how-to pictures and workbook pages for your little one.

Check out our update in the video below to get a sneak peek at what’s coming! Check out our Facebook Live video going over the new stuff coming to The Preschool Box!

If you are ready to get back into school-mode sign up now using coupon code “BACKTOSCHOOL19” to get $5 off your first order, we hope you love it!

By Tim Schnell

I focus on creating accountability, tracking metrics, and cultivating a culture of mentorship and collaboration. I build engineering teams that think about the product holistically and learn to balance cross-functional planning, velocity and quality.

Currently, I live in the suburbs of Austin, Texas with my wife, Tina, and 3 kids, Owen, Harper, and Charlie. I am half-Mexican and half-German and was born and raised in Texas so I naturally love tacos and beer. In my spare time I enjoy indoctrinating my children into my nerdy hobbies like video/board games, superhero movies and books.

Thoughts and opinions represented here are my own, find me on twitter @timductive.

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