The “Smart” Kid Myth

Here at The Preschool Box, we believe that all children are capable of reaching their full potential when given the proper tools and opportunities. Every child has their own unique strengths and interests but becoming a successful student early on in school can set each child up for a lifelong love of learning and confidence in their own intelligence.

As shown in multiple psychology studies by the American Psychological Association our own intelligence is quite malleable dependent on whether we think we are capable of learning, or rather “believing you can get smarter makes you smarter”. This is why it is so important to us to help each child first discover the joy in learning and then grow her confidence with each activity or game in The Preschool Box.

We all want our kid to be the “smart” kid in class, the one that can help others learn to read or answer math problems confidently, and yet human intelligence is actually quite difficult to describe and measure. Nobody is born with a fixed IQ and our brains are muscles that need exercise just like every other muscle. Early exposure to learning in a fun environment can make every kid the “smart” kid when they get to school and being smart will help them dream large and reach for the stars.

Our goal at The Preschool Box is to help you set your child up for success, so that they will have the knowledge and confidence to believe they can do whatever they dream of achieving.

By Tim Schnell

I focus on creating accountability, tracking metrics, and cultivating a culture of mentorship and collaboration. I build engineering teams that think about the product holistically and learn to balance cross-functional planning, velocity and quality.

Currently, I live in the suburbs of Austin, Texas with my wife, Tina, and 3 kids, Owen, Harper, and Charlie. I am half-Mexican and half-German and was born and raised in Texas so I naturally love tacos and beer. In my spare time I enjoy indoctrinating my children into my nerdy hobbies like video/board games, superhero movies and books.

Thoughts and opinions represented here are my own, find me on twitter @timductive.

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